Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is...??

Today it is expected to reach 80 degrees in Baton Rouge. Last week, the city looked like this:

We also had a slight hurricane situation about 3 months ago.

What did we do to make Mother Nature so mad?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I did this summer (no blogging, obviously)

Went to Charleston for bachelorette party. This was my quick run around the city (I've been there before). The bride was anxious to get to Folly Beach!

Caught this pic as we zoomed by~ drawn to this building. I think it's the turquoise gate with the gray. Great combo!

I did a little nature shopping (aka shell collecting)

The days looked like this . . .

And the nights like this!
Nice look Jessica!

In June we headed to North Carolina for Co's wedding

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A.C. in N.O

The beautiful silver-haired, topaz-eyed super Cooper made his monthly voyage to N.O. yesterday and I got to see him speak at Tulane University (excuse the blurry pic). He talks fast and is just freakin' adorable. He couldn't directly answer some the questions though - mainly because he was asked things like "Rate TV, newspapers and Internet by which is least bias" and "I'm in med school and I don't have a lot of time to get the news-what do you think is the best source?" To which Anderson answered, "Um, I do work for CNN . . ."

One decent question was "How much do ratings affect what is covered?" He answered it eloquently explaining that it's not the media that sets the agenda anymore, its the audience. Essentially saying ratings mean a lot and that viewers would rather watch Obama's former pastor Rev. Wright's antics than hear about tornadoes in Virginia. Yes, we've dumbed down.

On a lighter note (really there's nothing light about this), I took my friend to Sucre,, a new sweets shop on Magazine St. These aren't just desserts - they're works of art! Pastel colored macaroons and marshmallows, glittery cupcakes and gelato! OH MY! And I didn't eat any- just brought one home to my mom.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fonville UNLIMITED! Free on Flickr!

Perhaps the most renowned photographer of South Louisiana, Fonville Winans was famous for capturing the culture of South Louisiana during the 1930s. Among numerous others, he shot black and white series of Grand Isle, Cajun culture, LSU and scenes in Louisiana after a rare snow storm.

In addition, Fonville had a studio in Baton Rouge from 1941-1991, where he photographed individual portraits - it was a big deal to have a photograph by Fonville. Fonville shot portraits of both my mother and father as toddlers.

I've heard he was a lover of all women and many ladies believed him to be undressing them with his eyes during their photo session.

The equally famous Louisianian Chef John Folse has imitated Fonville's shots for the covers of his cookbooks.

Thanks to his son Bob, web surfers can now view thousands of his photos for free on Fonville Winan's photostream on flickr. To get there visit and click on Flickr Gallery icon on the left hand side.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mississippi Rising

Currently, the Mississippi River has surpassed flood stage. It's a good thing we have these trusty levees at the Port of Baton Rouge. I was told (who knows if it's reliable source) that 6-7 steps are underwater.

Normally, one can see BATON ROUGE spelled out - though not lately.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Personal Valet

During an assignment at my last job, I had to check out one of those genuine (one you have to actually dig through) antique stores to look for unique light fixtures. I previously wasn't a fan of antique/vintage stores (this was before my fascination with Time Warp, see earlier posts) period, the end. I can honestly say I wasn't really a shopper extraordinaire till I entered this world.

I entered Aladdin's Lamp Antiques (225-336-0969; 2648 Government St. B.R., La. 70806), looking for light fixtures and came out with a personal valet, well, valet chair FOR ONLY$16! Besides the mod design (they were invented in 1953), I love how functional it is. There is a hanger for one's coat, a ledge for shoes and extra storage in the seat. A fine greeter to have in my apt everyday when I get home!